DMS near you

Safe and secure.

Whether long-term or short-term: Safe storage of your goods in our 20-ft containers totalling over 120,000 sqm of storage space opens up all sorts of possibilities for your business, layout or life planning.  And DMS secures the certainty that everything is in safe hands.  Because, aside from lower costs, you get the highest available level of security and always the best and most appropriate storage - for example in archive, security or special boxing.  And should your plans take you to faraway places: DMS knows no boundaries, by sea, by land or by air.

Storage, safe as steel.

Our modern steel containers give you all the flexibilty you require when storing your goods.


We set your storage in motion. You save further handling by having us take your container directly to where you want it. If requested, to your front window. Time and cost effectively - the DMS way.