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Time is money. You can trust the DMS express services! Privately or for your business. Whether furniture, technical equipment, luxury items or perishables: DMS ships almost any goods by air, quickly and reliably. To almost any place on earth. At the same time, we organise any required preceding and following transports and/or subsequent services like storage, commissioning or distribution. Take the shortest route and go for the fastest service. Worldwide. With DMS.

Air freight security.

Changes in Air Freight Security regulations
The legal framework concerning "Air Freight Security" has changed beginning 29 April 2010.  The current processes and requirements for air freight security are based on the currently valid regulation issued by the European Union VO (EG) 300/2008.  Therefore, VO (EG) 2320/2002 is obsolete, incl. implementation regulations.

A flying giant.

The largest air freight carrier currently in use, the Antonov An-225, was contracted by DMS to fly three armoured vehicles and other equipment for the Geman Embassy to Bagdad.  The six-engined freight carrier took off from Schwerin.