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Connecting people, places and goods.

For more than 40 years, the Deutsche Möbelspedition (DMS) has been more than a classic moving company. Our 120 branches all over Germany provide a logistical network essential for connecting people and goods. Numerous major enterprises have profited from this wide network and its inherent know-how. If you are looking for a powerful company who sets criteria and standards in the moving business, come to DMS. Wherever it goes, we take it there!

Station to station.

Since the end of 2009, DMS has been contracted by the Deutsche Post DHL to handle the logistics throughout Germany for its Packing Station project. From setting up the stations to transport and additional services, DMS handles it all.
Effective solutions to our customers´ advantage.

Qualification through quality.

Due to its prequalification for road transport services, DMS and its network also handle the logistics for palettised goods (building materials, unit loads), containers and special transports for the Deutsche Bahn AG.

Network efficiency.

By efficient use of available resources and partners, DMS always supplies the adequate offer for your demands.  Take full advantage of our logistical network.