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Deeply familiar with electronic engineering

Server. Computer. Medical equipment. Every shipment is in safe hands and on track with DMS. Apart from shock and vibration resistant containers for transport and customised special packaging, there is one thing that ensures a smooth handling of all our safety transports: The know-how of the 6,600 professional DMS employees trained for such special assignments. Whatever your intentions may be and whatever equipment you may have: From dismantling to packing, from storage to commissioning, DMS provides the highest standards of security and technical equipment every step of the way.

Ruhr University Bochum

The faculties of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Chemistry, and others were relocated within the campus from the 4th of August to the 4th of October. Apart from the sensitive It-equipment, DMS also relocated all technical equiptment.  10 weeks of precision work, the DMS way.

Valuables. Secure transport.

For a customer especially in need of security, DMS transported racks worth hundreds of thousands Euros from the Netherlands to different locations in Germany.  Special attention was given to the custom-made reinforcements for the racks.

Transport of x-ray equipment

When transporting highly sensitive medical equipment worth over 1.5 million Euros, DMS relies on long lasting expertise and considerable experience.  Transporting and handling of such equipment requires special care and qualified personnel.

High-tech on the move

High-tech!  Handle with care!  When transporting highly sensitive equipment both care and speed are required. Experience and know-how define the vital mix of both.