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Moving people. Body and soul.

To satisfy our customers and their needs is the primary goal of DMS. Reaching and safeguarding this goal is the task and the vision of our central management. Our clear strategic focus and positioning, devised jointly with the Board of Directors, express our consistent market orientation. For the benefit of all those who place their trust in DMS.


All our executives assume responsibility for the DMS and stand up for the interests of both the alliance and the customers.


Mr. Frank Landerbarthold
General Manager

Board of Directors

The DMS Board of Directors is selected from and elected by the company members and sets the strategic objectives. As an advisory and supervisory body, it supports the management in the achievement of objectives.


Mr. Alexander Benz
Chairman of the Board
Hasenauer + Koch GmbH & Co. KG 
Internationale Spedition, Reutlingen

Mr. Martin Brasse
Vice-Chairman of the Board
H.E. Herbst GmbH & Co., Detmold

Mr. Klaus Niesen
Board Member
Peter Niesen GmbH & Co. Intern.
Möbelspedition KG, Leverkusen

Mr. Peter Kühne
Board Member
Kühne GmbH, Dortmund

Mr. Jan Ridder
Board Member
Ridder Möbeltransport GmbH, Wesel

Mr. Rolf Ehrengruber
Board Member
Gelber Blitz Rolf Ehrengruber e.K, Olpe


Mr. Oliver Gerheim
Board Member
Friedrich Friedrich Darmstädter Speditions- und Möbeltransportgesellschaft mbH, Griesheim