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Transporting art.

Transport is no big deal. But it requires precision, high-level safety precautions, experience and know-how. We at DMS know how art and antiques need to be handled.  Therefore we offer a variety of techniques and procedures to relocate valuables safely and protected from dust, humidity and vibrations.  We provide custom-made, climatically and mechanically safe containments and, if requested, we handle all the customs and/or import formalities.  Call us anytime to find out more about "Transporting Art".

Historical exhibits. Modern service.

The Lower Saxony State Museum in Hannover commissioned DMS to relocate ten thousands of archeological exhibits within the city of Hannover.  All 40,000 pieces had to be packed individually and deposited according to a precise plan on 700 running metres of shelving.

The art of packing.

The cast iron sculptures of Jörg Immendorf († 2007) weigh tons and therefore required absolute precision in handling.

Heavy art.

British artist Tony Cragg also creates heavy copper sculptures.  No wonder DMS was entrusted with moving them from England to Salzburg.

The art of transportation.

The works of the highly acclaimed German painter and sculptor, Marius Lüpertz, were, literally, a "great" challenge. But DMS would not be DMS if they didn´t deliver each work of art right on time.