DMS near you

Delivered. Unpacked. Assembled.

You order. We deliver. Wherever and whatever you order - we don´t just deliver: DMS handles additional services like commissioning, assembling, mounting, even of complex systems. And thanks to a wide logistical network, we do it fast and reliably, within a few days. Our staff even takes care of returns, and cash collection on delivery. Logistics and services are not only self-evident for us, they are the core of our business and have been for more than 40 years.

Relentless performance

The handling of goods free to point of use by a 2-man team is an integral part of DMS´ network. Thus private customers can take advantage of this service as well. Whether for mail order companies, office furniture manufacturers or wholesalers - DMS delivers.

Kitchen. On the spot service.

Aside from just delivering an entire kitchen, we also handle the assembly and installation of aplliances requiring water connection and carpentry work to fit your furniture to the available space, as well as delivery and  hand over of functional electronic equipment.  of course, we also ensure proper disposal of your old furniture and equipment if so requested.

Bringing people and goods together.

We don´t just drop off your new furniture right at your front door.  We take it right to the place where you want it to be and set it up there.  That gives you time to do the things you actually need to do.