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Knowledge on the move.

Heavy reading is easy to move - with DMS. With our customized packing and transportation material we relocate your library in part or in its entirety safely, speedily, efficiently and at a reasonable price. We systemize your collection so that your "A"s and "B"s don´t get mixed up and you find everything in its place. As an option, we also offer safeguarding measures like a professional book cleaning service. Give us a call and we´ll devise appropriate steps and services tailored to your needs.

Heidelberg University Library

In Heidelberg, in the spring of 2009, DMS conducted the complex relocation of 350,000 books in several stages.  While the library was still in operation, more than 8000 running metres of old shelves were dismantled without any influence on library services. A team of 18 DMS movers was on location for 13 days - and finished the job ahead of schedule.

Relocating the knowledge of a nation

48 running kilometres of books belonging to the National Library in Berlin had to be moved by the end of 2010. Since the job also included the consolidation of various depots and additions from several outposts, extreme precision was necessary.  DMS was on location with 11 movers and 160 library carts.

Performance that speaks volumes.

With 6.5 Million books, the Humbolt University Library has one of the largest collections in Germany. DMS took over the relocation of the very valuable items repeatedly and with enthusiasm.

Stored knowledge.

All exhibits and compositions of the German National Library in Leipzig were put into storage while the building was renovated.  After the renovation everything was returned to the place of origin.