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Installation and transportation

Preparations, transfer, installation. DMS does it all! Whether it is a workbench or a complete production line, every hour counts.  Together with our customer, we devise a solid plan for complete dismantling, transport and organise all necessary services. Because a quick re-establishment of operation is crucial, DMS focuses on common goals and their implementation.

A strong partner for heavy machinery.

DMS and a strong team relocated 35 injection moulding machines from Karlstadt to Hamelburg.  The production line weighed several tons, was up to 100 metres long, and was operational again in the required time frame.

Preparations. Transfer. Installation.

DMS has been contracted to dismantle, transport, and reassemble innumerable machines. A very important part of the job has been to handle the pieces of equipment with special care so that production can restart without delay at the new location.