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To advise. To move. To delight.

Locally acquainted and globally connected.  Since 1968, the Deutsche Möbelspedition (DMS) is one  the leading, privately owned, mid-sized transport companies in Germany. In this time, DMS went from a traditional moving company to become a modern logistics network with already 120 branches today.  We offer our private and business customers of all sectors of industry highly qualified logistical and related services from one single source.  Meanwhile far beyond the borders of Germany.

Corporate Design

The growth of DMS to an integrated provider of relocation and logistics services requires constant adjustment to target markets.  That is why our target is to promote the development of niche markets in the coming years.
All new? No, improved! We systematically take up our tradition as a quality leader and develop innovative concepts, for example packing material to relieve our environment.

DMS among the logistics top 30.

In a new survey by the Frauenhofer Institute, DMS places 29th among the top 100 in the logistics sector in Germany. Considering there are more than 400 logistics companies in Germany and Europe, DMS has scored on all points in logistics submarkets.

Certified quality. Guaranteed.

With their strict adherence to ISO 9001:2008, the whole DMS commmunity is committed to the standards and values of fully certified quality management.  All outsourced processes are reviewed and controlled in compliance with these standards.