A good thing to remember.

    If very special things were moved with very special know-how under very special circumstances and conditions: DMS must have been involved.

    Know-how meets determination.
    Aside from 7,000 m³ of goods - that´s 175 truckloads - DMS moved various technical devices and components of complex test equipment as well as chilled goods and hazardous material in accordance with ADR.
    Cleaning with excellence.
    The cleaning of PCB- tainted goods was executed in a stopover by our professional DMS crew using special cleaning equipment and protective clothing. A clean room with an isolated athmosphere was set up separately.
    Disassemble. Manhandle. Reassemble.
    The sensitive workshop equipment weighing tons and other laboratory equipment was lifted out of the building by crane. Our expert put all their know-how to use and the implementation went without a hitch. Precision work by DMS.
    Moving the extraordinary.
    To work out solutions for different challenges - That´s our expertise. For a period of 10 weeks, a DMS crew of 26 professionals using forklifts, cranes and lorries confirmed how well centrally coordinated performance works. From planning to completion.
    Botanical Gardens
    Green logistics.
    The biology and geography department of the Duisburg-Essen University contracted DMS to move thousands of potted and tubbed plants and dozens of trees, some over 6m high, within the city of Essen.
    Digging dirt in the greenhouse.
    The plants and trees from the tropical greenhouse and wintering quarters were quite a challenge. But our professional staff live up to it and even ensured appropriate replanting, rootballs and all.
    Versatility counts.
    For this project, DMS was on location for 10 days with a project manager and a crew of 10 professionals. We brought our own gardening experts and particularly fitted lorries, and met the challenge with success.
    Royal Service.
    Premium residence. Premium service.
    The customers demand was clear: "I don´t want to be bothered with this move. That´s what you´re here for!" It took us four days to pack everything. Including more than 200 paintings that needed extra-careful handling, partly in custom-made wooden boxes.
    Lock, stock and barrel.
    We showed up with two trucks and a service vehicle just for one customer. Premium service! It took 7 men 8 days to complete the move.
    A shining example. Allround service.
    The antique chandeliers had to be packed carefully all around not to be damaged during transport.
    Museum of Natural Science
    Museum of Natural Science, Berlin
    270,000 glass jars with specimens preserved in alcohol were taken to their new location with the utmost care.
    Museum of Natural Science, Berlin
    A total of 340,000 exibits were packed and moved with extreme care.
    Museum of Natural Science, Berlin
    During the move, more than 40 workers were on location permanently to ensure a safe, speedy and smooth relocation.
    Humboldt University
    Library of the Humboldt University in Berlin
    The university library of the Humboldt University is the academic library of the Humboldt University.
    Library of the Humboldt University in Berlin
    With more than 6.5 million volumes, it is one of the largest university libraries in Germany. Transport of these works requires logistical expertise and reliability.
    Library of the Humboldt University in Berlin
    We took up the great challenge of moving these historically, ideally and physically most valuable works without a scratch.
    Benches of the Cologne Cathedral
    Storage of the benches of the Cologne Cathedral
    DMS was contracted to put the benches of the Cologne Cathedral into temporary storage.
    Storage of the benches of the Cologne Cathedral
    It is of great importance to disassemble and reassemble these historical benches with utmost care and to store them safely.
    Storage of the benches of the Cologne Cathedral
    Despite difficult weather conditions, DMS was able to fulfill the contract to everyone´s full satisfaction.
    Dortmund, transport of a CT-scanner
    When transporting medical equipment, it is especially important to plan the move as carefully as possible to obviate any mistakes from the beginning.
    Dortmund, transport of a CT-scanner
    Aside from the transport, our expertise also allows us to reassemble the equipment at its new location.
    Dortmund, transport of a CT-scanner
    Appropriate handling of equipment is crucial at any given moment because it is the only way for us to attain your complete satisfaction.
    Dortmund, transport of a CT-scanner
    In the end we managed a smooth transistion from disassembly to activation, thus avoiding any unnecessary interruption in the work process.
    Artwork by T. Cragg
    Salzburg, Artwork by T. Cragg
    Tony Cragg, actually Anthony Douglas Cragg is a successful british artist working as the principal of the State Academy of Art in Düsseldorf.
    Salzburg, Artwork by T. Cragg
    For an exhibition in Austria, his massive bronze sculptures had to be moved from a warehouse in Düsseldorf to Salzburg.
    Salzburg, Artwork by T. Cragg
    Numerous sculptures weighing tonnes demanded full effort from our workers and our equipment, but in the end, the exhibition was a great success. And we had our part in that.
    Magnetic Resonance Tomograph
    Dortmund, Magnetic Resonance Tomograph (MRT)
    Aside from the financial aspects, medical equipment requires a smooth relocation because human lives can depend on their functionality.
    Dortmund, Magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT)
    A special challenge for the transport of this MRT in Dortmund was that we had to take it out of the 4th floor.
    Dortmund, Magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT)
    Need we tell that we mastered this challenge as well?
    Dortmund, Magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT)
    Once on location, proper reassembly has to take place to ensure that the customer could operate it as quickly as apossible.
    Dortmund, Magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT)
    In the end, we had a satisfied team of doctors who were able to start work at their new location without delay.